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To be the foremost industry advocate organization dedicated to improving the quality, reliability and value of Fire and Life-Safety Systems

Your Florida Automatic Fire Alarm Association is part of the national AFAA which was founded in 1953. We’re the only professional national association dedicated to representing the automatic fire detection and fire alarm systems industry through education, codes & standards, advocacy, and research. The AFAA is dedicated to be the foremost industry advocate organization dedicated to improving the quality, reliability and value of Fire and Life-Safety Systems. 

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We find ourselves in a unique moment of history.  During the past several weeks how we and our businesses operate has changed.  We are now using terms such as social distance, essential business, essential travel and COVID-19. Depending on where you live and operate you may find yourself under a mandate to Shelter in Place issued by either the state, county or other local jurisdiction.

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the steps that are being taken to slow down and then stop it have in various parts of the United States changed your day-to-day practices. One question that the Automatic Fire Alarm Association has received questions on, is the fire alarm industry “essential?”

The response is YES. There are a number of definitions that have been released over the past few days that while they do not mention the fire alarm industry specifically, our industry is well within the guidelines for the maintaining essential infrastructure for emergency repair and safety purposes. This is for health care, public utilities, telecommunications and data centers, food processing, pharmaceuticals, food markets, distribution warehouses, banks and so forth.

Provided below is a link to Guidance of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers, promulgated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).


This document lists fourteen critical infrastructure sectors. A copy of this document should be kept in your offices and carried in all of your field vehicles to have if there should be a question by authorities regarding being an essential business and conducting essential travel.

In addition to this document, you should also check with any requirements that your state or local jurisdictions may have put into place. This is an evolving situation that is changing almost hourly. AFAA is working closely with other trade organizations so that all of our members have the most relevant information.

If you would like a copy of this announcement, please click here:


Save the Dates!

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, our meetings and training sessions are now being held virtually via Microsoft Teams
Please send an email requesting attendance to [email protected] .

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